The Hunt For The 4th Title

This coming Saturday at Las Vegas, Nevada, our very own Manny Pacquiao will have a fight against the Lightweight Champion David Diaz. This fight is at 140 lbs division and is schedule for the WBC Lightweight Championship. Pacquaio, the current and reigning WBC Super Featherwight is gunning for his fourth title since becoming a champion from flyweight division up to the current Super featherweight division.

On Saturday, Pacquiao is on the verge of becoming the first Asian boxer to win four titles in different weight classes. He will also be the first Filipino to win a Lightweight championship, and firstFIlipino to win 4 titles in a different weight category.

I know winning this fast is difficult. The pressure is their for Pacquiao. Being ahead on the odds as well as the pressure on winning this one. The whole country is expecting you to win this one but also the whole world. Being the number pound for pound of today, is also a big feat for Manny. Everybody expect him to win. The Hunt for the 4th title is on and be place as a worlds best fighter and a hall of Famer.

Job Hunting

Job hunting or looking for a job is always a very hard part of every person’s lives. To hunt for a job also means to pursue a career in life. What we want or what we would like to do. This part of our lives is very important especially for the fresh graduate coming out of their college life.

To hunt for a job needs a very careful plan in order to have a good and high paying career in the future. It all starts from their college life until the graduation day. From the beginning of every person’s college life, everyone should think first what he or she wanted to become in the future, what he wanted to do and most of all what does he love the most. After choosing what career to pursue, the person should prepare for it. Every person should not take for granted their college life. He must study hard so that in the future, he can get the job that he wanted the most.

To hunt for a job, every person should always look good personally and in the resume, as well as to their application letter. He or she must prepare the most informative and clear resume. Talk to the interviewee with confident, always do your best and most off all believe in yourself.

The Hunt for Cure

In today’s ever changing world, more and more people are born every single minute. The world gets bigger every minute and looks like there is no stopping it from being crowded. As the population gets bigger, there are new and unknown diseases that hits the humanity. New, improved and deadly. Well, i don't want to scare you but this is true.

Have you ever heard of Influenza? Bird Flue? SARS? Those are the famous, new and deadly diseases that hits the humanity. Take note, these disease occurred only these past few years and i will not be surprise of a new and deadly disease will come in the near future.

With the ever changing technology in todays world, many innovations and medical breakthrough have been discovered. These medical breakthrough have been use to combat illness and diseases that previous medicines can't cure. I believe that new and improve disease will still come our way and will have its havoc to humanity. And the cure for some diseases is still on.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is very popular for everybody. Treasure hunting is mostly a form of hunting for jewelry, hunting for treasure or to look for something valuable such as jewelry, gems, gold and precious items.

Everybody seems to be familiar with this thing. There are even stories from our childhood days when our parents told us some treasure stories. The most popular stories of treasure hunting would be the story of the Treasure Island. Who can forget this story where a pirate and a parrot is the main character of the story? There is also the story of Yamashita Treasure or even the story of the Golden Buddha where most people said that these stories were true.

Well, these stories of treasure hunting make us all wonder, what if you will find a treasure? Who could ever resist this fortune? Surely all of us want to find a treasure, and wants to have a dream of our life.