Cellphone of the Future: Nokia 888

Long time ago, telephone was invented to help people communicate from a distant place. The poeple around the telephone business put lot of wiring to reach the other side of the telephones. The telephone was really a big help to people who wanted to talk to others in a distant place. Many poeple loved the telephone that many people wondered, how bout if we can put these telephone to our pocket and go places. Now, that idea has come true. In today world, communication is a necessity and cellphone to our pockets was the answer.

Now the new question to our mind is, what will be the cellphone of the future? Would it be a hologram? Would it be a part of the clothing like in the X-men which you just press a button? Would it be a wristwatch?
Well with the advancing of the technology in todays era, anything is possible. Just like the Nokia 888. Dubbed as the Cellphone of the future and can shaped as anything just like a paper.

It is said that the Nokia 888 uses liquid battery, with speech recognition, and flexible touch screen. The touch sensitive body cover lets it understand and adjust to the actions you take. Sometimes the sensitivity Form follows function and follows and follows and followsis positively eerie! When the phone rings, the Nokia 888 forms itself into the shape of a phone. You can personalize these forms and record them. So it fits you the best and makes your brother crazy. It’s like the feeling of having an electronic pet, or maybe a butler. As it senses your moves, it understands what you want, and responds to you in the way you love. It learns you, and learns to fit you better.

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