Tragus Piercing - To Go or No Go?

Hello guys, im back for blogging again. This time, i am in a dilemma whether to go or no go with this new trend that i want to try, the Tragus Piercing. Well, anyway its a cool new way of ear piecing its just that you have to pierce the tragus of your ear. Many say its painful and not good to see but if you think about it, its a new a different ear piercing. Some people like it as well. I also heard many people doest like it because its kind of a taboo or something. Now, in your opinion, should i go with this tragus piercing or not? Feel free to comment on this guys. Thanks.

PS. Here is a sample picture of tragus piercing.

My Shellac Nail Polish

Finally, after days of waiting for the nail polish that ive ordered, they are now here. Three days ago i ordered the Shellac Nail Polish online and bought them for few dollars. I was eager to put them on to my newly manicured nails and want to see the result. So, after few hours of putting them on, the result were so good. I just love them so much. I think Shellac Nail Polish are one of the best nail polish ever in the market.

These are the things that i noticed with Shellac Nail Polish; I think after I applied them on to my nails, they quickly dry and shines just like any polish. Before i applied unto my finger nails, i applied a little at my toes and guess what, i tried to scratch them and the scratch doesn't even look noticeable. These factors are the reason why i love Shellac Nail Polish. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and see what i mean.

I Need Durable PegBoard Hooks

Lately, i was in the mood to clean up the house and all of the clutters and mess especially in the garage and storage room. This is the time that i decided to get a Pegboard so that i can use it to hang and clear all of the stuff. So, when i already have installed the pegboard, i also use pegboard hooks to hang the things on it.

The problem with the hooks is that, some of then easily bends. I tried to hang light materials and stuffs on it but there are still heavy things that needs to be clean and stored. I need a durable pegboard hooks. Do you have any idea where i can find one? Hope you guys can leave a comment and share your input.