My Shellac Nail Polish

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Finally, after days of waiting for the nail polish that ive ordered, they are now here. Three days ago i ordered the Shellac Nail Polish online and bought them for few dollars. I was eager to put them on to my newly manicured nails and want to see the result. So, after few hours of putting them on, the result were so good. I just love them so much. I think Shellac Nail Polish are one of the best nail polish ever in the market.

These are the things that i noticed with Shellac Nail Polish; I think after I applied them on to my nails, they quickly dry and shines just like any polish. Before i applied unto my finger nails, i applied a little at my toes and guess what, i tried to scratch them and the scratch doesn't even look noticeable. These factors are the reason why i love Shellac Nail Polish. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now and see what i mean.