Watch Futurama Benderama Online Stream

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Watch Futurama Benderama Online Stream. Just after the first episode, it looks like the fans cant get enough of it. That is why another episode is here for the coming of the series from a very long hiatus. Now the title of the new episode is the Futurama Benderama. And in this episode, The Professor invents a machine that takes in any object and creates two half-sized copies, consuming matter provided to it in order to do so. He uses the machine to create a number of sweaters suited to his shrunken, old-aged self and sets Bender on the task of folding them. Bender looks for a shortcut and creates duplicates of himself using the machine to do the job for him. This soon escalates and eventually there are trillions of increasingly smaller copies of Bender creating copies of themselves until eventually they threaten to consume all of the matter on Earth. The Futurama Benderama airs on the same date with the first episode at Comedy Central.